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Past Rectors, Principals, and Presidents

Chancellor Abbot Austin Murphy, O.S.B.
Principal Mr. Stephen A. Marth

Rectors, Presidents, and Principals

1887-1894 Rev. Procopius Neuzil, O.S.B., Rector
1894-1908 Rev. Ildephonse Wittmann, O.S.B., Rector
1908-1914 Rev. Thomas Vopatek, O.S.B., Rector
1914-1929 Rev. Cosmas Vesely, O.S.B., Rector
1929-1944 Rev. John Cherf, O.S.B., Rector
1944-1956 Rev. Thomas Havlik, O.S.B., Rector
1956-1964 Rev. Thomas Havlik, O.S.B., Principal
1964-1967 Rev. Valentine Skluzacek, O.S.B., Headmaster
1964-1987 Rev. Ronald Rigovsky, O.S.B., Principal
1987-1992 Rev. Ronald Rigovsky, O.S.B., President
1987-1989 Mr. James Lemense, Principal
1989-2004 Mr. Ernest Stark, Principal
1992-2012 Rev. Jude D. Randall, O.S.B., President
2004- Mr. Stephen A. Marth, Principal

Rectors – Head of school when St. Procopius Academy and College were located on one campus.

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