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What Others Are Saying About Benet

"The Village of Lisle is proud to be the home to Benet Academy. Benet's rich history of excellence is part of the reason Money Magazine ranked us in the top 20 small communities in the country in 2007. Landmark institutions such as Benet Academy and the Morton Arboretum, combined with our people create a wonderful environment for work, study, and play. I'm proud of this community and I'm proud of the future leaders that Benet Academy nurtures at this outstanding school."

Joseph Broda
Village of Lisle, Mayor

  • "Benet Academy has provided my children with excellence in academics, service, and character. The quality of education and preparation for a successful college transition is a real bargain compared with the cost of tuition. Community service is encouraged, embraced, and experienced as a way of life by faculty and students that binds the students in school spirit beyond achievements in sports. Honor, integrity, and accountability are the cornerstones of Benet Academy that have provided a foundation for my children to build character and self confidence."

    John Leen, Naperville

  • "I have two Benet grads and a current Benet student. Each of the grads have spoken of how when they got to college it was an easy transition to an undergrad work load due to their Benet training. That was evident as they watched the other students having a difficult time with time management and study skills. It made them truly appreciate the teachers, curriculum and guidance they received at Benet."  

    D. Truskey

  • "Not only did our son receive scholarships that far exceeded the cost of four years at Benet, he developed relationships with teachers who truly cared and these relationships will last a lifetime. Benet was all we had hoped for and more."
    Dan & Jenny Maher (parents of Dan 2010 and Evan 2012)

  • "Our daughter attends Benet and we have a son attending in the fall. The "Benet experience” is like no other. We feel grateful and very blessed to be part of the Benet family."
    Jeni Rogers

  • "While only one year into our four-year journey at Benet, the Benet staff and teachers have been responsive, attentive, encouraging and inspiring – to both our son and his parents. Thank you so much and we look forward to the next three years."
    R. Wentland

  • "Benet has been a wonderful place to send our children. As a parent, I really like the embrace of our Catholic faith given to both the students and the parents. Of course Benet offers a solid academic footing for them to proceed with, but it is more important to me that they have in place these values to bring with them to college, their work years and their future families. For parents, I have loved participating in the Moms-in-Touch group and my husband and I have also enjoyed attending the all-school masses offered throughout the year." 

    C. Nelson

  • "Words to describe my daughter after two years at Benet: self–assured, self–confident, self-worth, knows who she is, heightened level of critical thinking. Thanks Benet."
    Mary Ellen Pavlik- Naperville

  • "As a student I learned how to think independently and to never stop learning. As a parent I watched with pride as my four children acquired a foundation for success in life. The lifelong friendships formed at Benet Academy continue to enrich my life and that of my children."
    Michael Jamieson ‘63, Story City, IA

  • "While my daughter was at Benet she never felt like she was an outstanding student; she worked very hard and put in long hours to attain a B/C average. However, she is now halfway through college and is maintaining a 3.8 GPA in a challenging major at a top-notch school and has a fantastic summer internship. In short, even students who are not 'straight A' students at Benet will be fully prepared for college and can achieve whatever goals they set for themselves."
    Class of 2008 parent - requesting anonymity as my daughter will kill me! :-)

  • "Our experience has been extraordinary from the teachers, to the principal, to the counselors, and to the front office. The teachers are very engaged with the students. They make learning a truly outstanding experience. The students at Benet are also incredible people. We love Benet and our so thankful that we have had the opportunity to experience and be a part of the Benet family."
    Julie Kramer

  • "With a second child nearing senior year, the quality and value of a Benet education has never been more apparent. The friendships and values established at Benet academy will last a lifetime."
    Jane & Michael Jacobs

  • "My daughter has just finished her first year and we are so proud to be part of the Benet family.
    She loves everything about the school. Her friends and teachers, the sports community and even
    the rigorous academic curriculum are an integral part of life. She would not have it any other way.
    It is a true blessing and gift to be able to attend this wonderful high school."
    Dr. Anna Medina (Amanda '13)

  • "I don't know how Benet does this in 4 years; but, our recent graduate entered Benet as a timid girl with low self-esteem and graduated as a confident, balanced young lady with honors. As parents of children from the public school system, initially it was difficult to pay for tuition when we lived in such a good school district; but I can unequivocally state: the tuition is worth every penny!"
    A parent of a 2010 graduate

  • "Wonderful sense of community; Fabulous teachers who care!  The best gift we could give our child was an education and the experience of Benet Academy. "
    Sally Cuff - Parent and Alumni '75

  • "Benet prepares a student for college like no other school can do, and in addition will SAVE you money in the long run once they shorten their college credits up with Benet AP credits! The staff at Benet not only prepares our children for their next 4 years and life, but also manages a very well thought out activity calendar that enables a fun and safe environment. We are so happy and PROUD to be parents of Benet for each of our children. What a fantastic school to prepare our children for the years ahead! Thank you Benet."
    David and Sherri Foran

  • "We have loved Benet for our kids! We have had three very different students/ personalities attend Benet and it was wonderful for all three. Each of our kids was able to grow into responsible young adults ready to face life's challenges. They found a niche where they felt a part of a loving community. I have tremendous respect for the teachers at Benet and always received support from the administration. We felt our money was well spent as our kids were all very well prepared for college and left the Benet community with life long friends."
    Angela Graeffenhein

  • "As a 1976 graduate and current Benet parent, the academic excellence driven to at Benet Academy combined with the Benedictine values taught, prepared me not only to excel in college and the business world, but to serve our community and society as a whole. Consider Benet Academy at your school and extension of your family."
    Tom Kmieciak

  • "Because of the exceptional curriculum offered at Benet and the ACT score that our daughter received,she was able to get into her dream college (an automatic academic admit). Also, her high school sports experience was outstanding (cross country and track) and would have been much different had she attended our large local public high school."

  • "Going to Benet was the best educational decision that my family and I could have ever made. Benet completely prepared me for the rigors of attending my university, and I doubt that I would have been so successful without being a part of the Benet family first."
    Carly Lyse Zabinski '96

  • "I would recommend Benet Academy without reservation to any student who is seeking an excellent and well-rounded education! My years as a Redwing were invaluable preparation for college and beyond." 
    Sarah Kinsella Murray '03, Harvard University '07, Georgetown School of Medicine Class of 2011

  • "I chose Benet because of its Catholic tradition and strong education. The education I received at Benet opened my future and allowed me success in college. Without my Benet education, I would not have been able to pursue a triple major in college. Benet prepares students for success in college and careers."
    Laura Elizabeth Baier '06

  • "Not many college students can say college is easier than high school; I was one of the few. Benet's curriculum and the work ethic the teachers instilled in me allowed me to graduate with honors from Washington University in St. Louis with less effort than it took to succeed at Benet."
    Colin White '03

  • "Not only did I gain admission to Northwestern University, I earned a 3.75 GPA my first quarter. Oh, yes, was I well prepared for college!"
    P. Collings, '90

  • "In laying a foundation for my life, Benet nurtured my faith and challenged my mind. I left Benet in 1995, but you never really leave. I am constantly reminded of the gifts Benet gave me in friendship, faith and education. I am grateful to my parents for encouraging and supporting a Benet education."
    Sarah Siefert Barney '95

  • "I attended public school K-8 and I did not know anyone that had attended Benet. On a whim, I asked my parents if they could collect some information for me about the admissions process. I was encouraged to spend a day shadowing a current student and I am so happy that I did. Shadowing really gave me a feel for the school and the classroom environment. From there I took the entrance exam and was lucky enough to gain admission to the school. After graduating, I went on to college and my transition was seamless. While many of my friends struggled to manage their time and studies in college, I was well prepared. To this day I still keep in touch with some of the teachers who inspired me then and continue to inspire me now. Several years after I graduated from Benet I was fortunate enough to watch my younger brother also succeed at Benet and beyond. We both benefited from Benet educations, and I strongly recommend the school to all students looking for a challenging and engaging classroom experience."
    C.Malenius, '00

  • "Nobody can ever believe that I didn't start learning Spanish until high school. As a freshman in college, I entered into 300-level Spanish and still found myself ahead of my classmates. Sr. Pablo sparked my love for the language and it hasn't died out since!"
    M.  '03

  • "Benet was the foundation for gaining entrance into college. Benet also creates the fundamentals of excellence that carry over into today's competitive work place.

    Commitment to excellence at all levels. That is Benet Academy." 
    Dan Bechina '80

  • "I am forever grateful to my parents for sending me to Benet Academy. My experience at Benet instilled in me a drive to be successful, the tools to be a strong leader, the attitude to work hard and to always thank God for the gifts and talents he has given me."
    Tamatha Greenup Engholm ‘90

  • "I couldn't write just one line about Benet but I will say this, I would do it all over again!"

  • "Benet gives an amazing academic foundation in a safe, Catholic, understanding environment. The friends I made at Benet, are the same people I meet up with multiple times a year to hang out, to celebrate marriages, births, and graduations, and to reminisce about the amazing times we had together.  I was made into a much stronger, more confident, respectful person, with a "never say die" attitude because of my four years at Benet.

    Thank you to the Benedictine community for such an amazing experience!!!!!"
    Kathy Shea Powell '81

  • "I now have been associated with Benet Academy for 40 years, as a student, alum, and as a parent of alum. Benet Academy holds very special meaning to me in many different ways. The Benedictine teachings of work and pray, and the disciplines and values instilled in me at Benet prepared me for my life in business, and as an overall person. Benet's academic excellence and commitment to overall individual excellence has been consistent throughout the time I've been associated with the Academy. Benet prepares you for college both academically and in coping with the challenges that come your way as you step into that next phase of your life. Both of my children, Lauren and Lindsey, were solidly prepared for college, and through Benet have been prepared for life after their academic years. I can't think of a better investment in the future of an individual than through the investment in excellent education and Catholic values both of which you receive at Benet. "
    Mark Griesbaum '74

  • "After Benet, college was easy by comparison - I never felt overwhelmed or under-prepared. Additionally, Benet taught me how to multi-task - I easily held two jobs and a full course load during almost my entire collegiate career."
    Kit O'Connor '03, Boston College '07

  • "In college we learned that the most important things are free inquiry, rigorous examination, and the quest for knowledge. In graduate school we learned that the most important things are maximization, substitution, and equilibrium. But at Benet, we learned that the most important things are faith, hope, and love. Advantage Benet...where it's truly understood that education is soul-craft!"
    Steve Breinig '78

  • "After all these years, I am still proud to say I attended Benet Academy."
    Beckie Lewandowsk Hrdlicka '85

  • "Benet did an extraordinary job preparing me for Purdue University. The quality of the curriculum and generosity of the staff helped me grow both as a scholar and as a man. "
    Mike Payne ‘91

  • "To this day, I still look back on things I learned at Benet and use those lessons to better the personal, professional and moral aspects of my life. I loved Benet as a student and continue to love it for all it represents."
    Bill Bentley '85

  • "The leadership traits I learned at Benet (St. Procopious Academy) eased me into several key leadership positions at Western Illinois University (President of my fraternity, President of Inter-fraternity Council, Founder of Blue Key, Varsity baseball, basketball, etc.). Skills taught as a matter of course at Proco proved to be invaluable tools in dealing with complicated life's issues in college, in the Army and in the business world. There could be no better preparation for what lies ahead than the guidance and insight gained from the priests and faculty at Proco/Benet."
    Joe Johnston '61

  • "The friendships and values I forged and developed have informed, enhanced and blessed my life."
    Steven M. Derks '82

  • Benet provided the integrity and ethical standards to successfully meet and defeat the challenges I encountered in my life.
    James Owen '60

  • "At Benet I learned how to keep myself steady through deadlines and stresses that would come up later in life. I learned how to develop as a whole person there. I think we all keep developing as we move through the phases of our lives. Benet taught me to make this a thoughtful, purposeful process."
    Anya (Taboas) Bida '00, Johns Hopkins University B.S. '04, Mayo Graduate School, PhD '10  

  • "I have seen many great students from Benet Academy attend SLU.  Many search our professional programs: physical therapy, pre-med scholar, pre-law scholar.  What I'm seeing is that many are going straight into graduate programs.  The courses at Benet seem to prepare them very well for a selective school Their transition academically seems to be smooth as compared to many high schools.  The Academic caliber of Benet along with the standards set in the Benet community encourages students to set their standards to a higher level than just undergraduate."
    Michelle Rogers, Saint Louis University, Undergraduate Admission Office

  • "I have found that Benet's greatest strength is its academic rigor. I count the years of Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language a student completes.  It is rare for a Benet graduate to fall below my requirements and most far exceed the expectations.  Since students are used to carrying at least five academic subjects, the transition to college seems to be easier for Benet students to handle."
    Sr. Asst. Director., Loyola University Chicago, Undergraduate Admissions

  • "I would say the students from Benet Academy I have worked with over the last three years exemplify the many outstanding qualities a university would expect to find in a strong candidate for admission.  Benet students on the whole are bright, articulate, and confident. The preparation they receive at Benet seems effective in providing them with the learning skills necessary to thrive at selective academic institutions."
    Tony Bankston, Dean of Admissions, Illinois Wesleyan University

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