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New website features

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Curriculum Guide
One Community Contacts & Directories Groups
Master Calendar Search Engine - Content & People Volunteer Database
Custom Calendar Views File & Link Library Social Network Links

Export Calendar Items to
Your PDA & Outlook

Online Registrations New Logo & Official Colors
News & Announcements Student Link Library Navigation by Content & Constituency

What's new? What do I need to know about it? Where do I find it?
Curriculum Guide This new guide provides complete information about the academic and curricular programs at Benet Academy. Throughout the site including under the Academics tab and in the file libraries.
One community has merged with to deliver a dynamic, integrated community.  The previous alumni site is still in tact, and content is accessible using the links on the home page of

Alumni click on the Alumni link at
Master Calendar

All important dates for the year are organized in one main calendar

  • The home page provides snapshots of important upcoming dates
  • Click on MORE on the home page snapshot box for the Master View calendar with every date/event chronologically listed - or just click on the Calendar tab at the top of the home page

Snapshots are on the home page of

Calendar tab is at the top of every page

Calendar Views

The master calendar be be viewed in a variety of ways to isolate categories of interest

  • View by Category.  Only want to see the days off?  Only want to view events?  Only want to see important test dates from the counselors? Use the drop-down menu to filter the dates in the calendar by category.
  • Change the view of the master calendar to show only a specific month or by past or upcoming dates.
The drop-down menu and viewing options are located at the top of the Master Calendar
Export calendar dates

Capture important dates in your Outlook or other iCalendar (ics) compatible apps automatically.  No more typing dates or info into your calendar!

  • Click on the  Export To Your Calendar link for the date you wish to save.   The application will add the date and all information to your Outlook calendar or other compatible calendar. Sync to your Blackberry, Palm, iphone, Lotus Notes,  Google, Droid, or other calendar application. 
  • For more details on the universal ics application, check with your pda provider or support information for the calendar you are using.  
  • Tip: Google and GMail calendar can sync through Outlook using free plug-ins found at Google.
  • More info on ical
Under every date listed in the Master View
News & Announcements

News and press releases are published periodically and are automatically updated and archived on the news page.

Also, receive short news alerts to your inbox or mobile phone by signing up for our Now! feed at the home page.  

News snapshots are listed under Latest News the home page - click on MORE to view all past news releases
Contacts & Directories

Easily find who you are looking for even if you're not sure of their name. 

  • Faculty and staff profiles are searchable by name, by department, by curriculum, and by activities they moderate or coach.
  • Club sports and activities are also searchable

Under the Administrative (by department) tab, under Contact tab, and under search.

Check out faculty profiles. The Faculty A-Z list is found under the Contact tab.

Search Content and people listed in the website can be found using the search feature.  Type in keywords to display all relevant content to that word. Search tab is found at the top of every page
File & Link Library

All forms and links are organized by category and made available through file libraries conveniently located under the departments.  For instance, you will find all the necessary college forms and links to college resources under the file library in the counseling department.  The business office has tuition forms in their file library. 

A consolidated list of all files and links is available  under the Help tab.   

If a file library is available for the department you are viewing, it will appear at the bottom of the page.  

The counseling department file and link library is found under the Counseling pages under the Academics tab.

A master file and link library is found under the Help tab.  

Online Registrations

Expanded event and activity online registrations and forms submittal.   Benet is increasing convenience for our families by providing online submittal of parking permit applications, nurse's emergency information, and more. 

New families may now apply online for admission.

Event and activity registrations are found in the calendar where the event is published.

Other online registrations are found under the department issuing the form.

Student Activity Link Library Students can easily access forms and links using the link library containing their frequently used items. They can also register online for athletic teams and other activities as available. Students link library is found under the Students tab.

Join a group with common interests.

  • Dads Club, Moms Club, and MPO groups have been established for easy communication with your active members. 
  • Alumni are grouped by graduation year automatically.
  • Groups include messaging options, group calendar, photo gallery, file storage, custom pages, and discussion boards
  • Upload your meeting minutes and other information.   
  • Please note that you need to be logged in to view the group content or join the group
  • Encourage all parents to join the groups
  • Moderators may be added to increase the number of parents contributing and editing content to the group
  • New group visitors will be prompted to obtain a login. 
  • Logins are provided to site visitors openly and groups should not presume their content is private because it is behind a login
  • Content is monitored and may be removed based on Internet safety policies.  Do not include any personally identifiable information about students (photos and names)
  • Contact to request a new group

Groups are found under Parents and alumni links.

Groups that you have joined are listed under your profile when you login.

View the help menu for login help. 

If you'd like to help with auction, the golf outing, or be notified when Benet needs volunteers for other activities and events, register your name in the volunteer database.   The database will be refreshed every year so you are only registering for the current school year's activities.  This way you can decide each year if you wish to remain in the volunteer database.    Under Contact tab and under the Parents, Alumni, and Current Students tabs
Social Network Links Find our facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube pages easily through Click on the social network icons located near the bottom of the home page.  Social network links will be added as they become available.
New logo and official color palette

Benet's new logo and official color palette information is in effect with the 2010-11 school year.

Get more information about Benet's identity standards under the Help tab.
Navigation by Content & Constituency Content is organized in various ways to help you find what you're looking for quickly.  Content navigation is on the top row and constituent navigation is on the second row.  Navigation bars are found on every page.


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