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Reunions FAQ

Class Reunion Info at a Glance

Where can I find reunion information? In May, 2010, Class reunion information moved to the master calendar on the Benet website.  Click on the Calendar on the home page and select "Reunions and Alumni Calendar" from the drop down menu
How do I contact or join my committee? etc Check your class web page (site registration required) for all the info about your reunion and the main website calendar for all reunion contacts.  The more the merrier!
How to I register for this site? Click here
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I don't see information on my class web page or the main calendar about our reunion.  When is it? Benet does not schedule reunions, your class organizers do.  Organizers are encouraged to update information as they have it.  Check the class page frequently and make sure you have your profile settings set to enable email notifications.
I moved.  How do I get a reunion invitation? If you know invitations went out, then contact your committee directly at the class web page to get the information.  Email Benet with your new info so we can update the mailing list for future mailings.
We'd like to have our reunion on Benet's campus.  What do we have to do?

Starting with 2011 reunions, Benet will be available for on-campus reunions on two nights: the first Saturday of June or homecoming game night. 

If the June date is selected, the 50+ Club party will be held in the cafeteria from 11 am -3 pm (tentatively). 

Other classes may select an area to host the party such as the St. Jude Commons (lower level), St. Martin's Lobby, or the cafeteria after the 50+ Club party. Set up may begin in the cafeteria at 4 p.m. for an evening party.  If the 50+ Club party is moved to the evening, the cafeteria would not be available.    To reserve a spot for June, committees must contact the alumni director by March 15th with their choice of campus areas to hold the party.  

The alumni office will send a confirmation of space availability. Then, committees will need to arrange all reunion details through Sodexho Campus Services 630-829-6382 (buffet menu, bar, and rental needs (tables, linens etc)  Alcohol is permitted and is provided through Sodexho.

Can we have a mass in the chapel? An all-alumni reunion mass will be held on Saturday of homecoming weekend in the chapel. Many classes include this mass in their homecoming weekend reunion planning.  Additionally, a mass will be celebrated at noon on the first Saturday in June for those hosting reunions on campus in June.  
Do we plan the mass? Contact Greg Girsch, Manager of Alumni Relations at 630-719-2794 for more information
We sent out our invitations/save the date.  Whose return address do we use? Whoever is handling the RSVPs for your party should include their return address on the envelope. 
How do we make a class gift to Benet? There are a few ways.  Some classes donate leftover funds after the reunion.  Some request a donation on the invitation and make the amount and participation optional.  Classes that have donated the highest amounts have promoted the class gift as an option with the invitation payment; they left the amount open.     
Who handles the finances for our party? We recommend that your committee has a banking group with at least 2 committee members authorized on a separate bank account dedicated for the reunion.  It is strongly recommended NOT to use personal accounts mixed with reunion money as accounting information should be public to the committee.  
Who pays for the invitations, postage etc? The committee calculates the estimated costs for the party and how much to charge for the tickets.  This should include the estimated cost of postage and so on.  The committee members advance the party funds and reimburse the individuals as funds are collected.
Our venue requires a guaranteed headcount.  What should we tell them? Most venues will not force a final guarantee for a few days prior to the event.   Tell them that you won't know until a couple weeks before the date the exact number.  They will want to hold a room that can accommodate the number.  Ask their advise on how to handle the dilemma.   See estimating the ticket price below for a ballpark of attendance.  
What have other reunions experienced with attendance?
To maximize attendance at your event, consider the following tips:
1. Save the date postcard mailed many months in advance. 
2.  Consistent and fun promotion of the reunion through the website and email networks. 
3.  Reasonable price.  $40-$65 is the general range to cover costs for a nice reunion (food, open bar, invitations, postage, venue charges, and other normal expenses).   Reunions charging $70 and higher have experienced less than expected attendance unless they are offering a very special reunion experience that is clearly communicated in the invitation.   Skip the high-priced venues - there are so many other good places that will give you a very nice experience.
5 year reunions: alumni invited with guests; most attend without guests.  Estimate 60-75% of class may attend.
10 year reunions:  use your 5-year as a guide but alumni numbers typically go down, however, guest count increases (spouses).
15, 25, 35, 45, 55 etc year reunions: recommend a very casual gathering (like a casual cookout at a golf course) with no frills.  Focus on attendance; don't be surprised by 1/3 or so alumni turnout.  50% would be considered a good turnout. The more laid back, the better attended. 
20 year reunions:  often the largest attended reunion the class will have.  Well attended by alumni and with guests.
30, 40 year reunions:  Use your 25 and 35 reunions as your guide. 
50 year reunions:  talk to the alumni director for specifics on previous classes.
Other questions? Email Jill at
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