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Gifts of Securities

Gifts of Securities

Benet Academy gratefully accepts gifts of stocks, bonds and other publicly traded securities. When making any gift of securities, we strongly encourage you to seek the guidance of your financial advisor, tax accountant or attorney. The Office of Development at Benet Academy will promptly process securities gifts transferred from brokerage accounts as well as those held in certificate form.

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  • Stocks or Bonds Held in a Brokerage Account

    Securities held in a brokerage account may be transferred electronically into Benet Academy’s brokerage account by Depository Trust Corporation (DTC) wire transfer.

    Please work closely with your broker to ensure that you allow sufficient processing time (especially near the end of the tax year) when initiating a DTC wire transfer. Have your broker transfer the securities to Benet Academy by providing them with the following information:

    Benet Academy’s Broker: National Financial Services, LLC
    Account Name: Benet Academy
    Federal Tax ID #: 36-2725695
    Client Account #: 0KF-111570 (please note these are “zeros” not “Os”)
    National Financial Services’ DTC #: 0226 (please note this is a “zero” not an “O”)

    When making a gift of securities, please also notify Benet Academy’s Office of Development (see contact information below). Please let us know the date of your gift, the name(s) of the securities being donated, the number of shares being transferred, and tell us how you would like your gift to be used.
  • Stocks or Bonds Held in Certificate Form

    If you are in possession of actual ownership certificates, you may either send or bring them directly to Benet’s Office of Development at the address below. In all cases involving certificates, a standard Security Release form (available from the Office of Development or your broker) must be completed and submitted along with the certificates to authorize the release of securities into Benet Academy’s brokerage account.

    If you choose to bring the certificates to Benet’s Office of Development in person, please contact our office in advance, deliver the certificates along with a Security Release form, meet with a Development representative and sign the documents at the time of your visit.

    If you choose to mail the certificates to Benet’s Office of Development, please place the unsigned certificate(s) and a signed Security Release form in an envelope along with a brief note indicating how you would like your gift to be used. In a separate envelope, place an Irrevocable Stock or Bond Power form (available from the Office of Development or your broker) signed in the presence of a bank officer or registered broker, as your signature guarantee. Please mail the two envelopes to Benet’s Office of Development. The Office of Development will contact you upon receipt of the documents and provide all other necessary information.