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Supporting Educational Endeavors

All learners thrive in a supportive environment and Benet Academy appreciates and recognizes that students learn differently and need appropriate systems to support them in their educational endeavors.
Benet has the Redwing Academic Center (RAC), the dedicated space where a full time RAC specialist, assigned faculty members, and volunteer peer tutors are present every period to support learners in strengthening their executive functioning skills such as note taking, time management, and test taking strategies along with tutoring specific subjects as needed.  Those needing such support can have this program scheduled as part of their day or they can drop in to the center when they feel it would be beneficial for them.
Supportive and dedicated faculty provided scheduled opportunities to meet with learners before or after school to receive guidance in the shared goal of academic growth.  

Mr. Christopher Perez, Assistant Principal of Student Affairs

Students can grow into their best academic selves with opportunities to provide reflection on their processes, identify areas of growth, and learn strategies that encourage confidence.