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Engineering & Computer Science Department

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The growing Engineering and Computer Science Department at Benet offers courses for all skill levels. The classes offered require students to be both analytical and creative on a variety of topics. Students develop the necessary skills to engage with the world’s rapidly evolving physical, mechanical and digital landscapes. The faculty are committed to inspiring students to seek out solutions. Our goal is to motivate students to create, build, rebuild and improve the world in which they live. Computers are everywhere - from the cell phones in our pockets to the concert hall and the operating room. Today’s digital citizens have an obligation to understand the social and ethical impacts of a data-driven society in an increasingly interconnected world.
The potential to make a difference in society is no longer limited to the heads of companies. Anyone with an understanding of how things work, with a spark of creativity and a desire to help can make a substantial mark in the world.

Meet the Engineering & Computer Science Department

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