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Social Studies Department

Department Summary

The Social Studies Department offers a selection of history and related social science courses that contribute to the classic college preparatory education students receive at Benet.

Four of our teachers have more than 30 years experience at Benet. They, along with the other dedicated teachers in our department, bring a variety of backgrounds and expertise to insure that our students receive a social studies education that is second-to-none.

Teaching history at Benet is not our job. It is our profession and it is our passion. And it is one we feel privileged to share with our students every day.
"In the Benet Academy Social Studies Department, we want our passion for the subject matter to inspire you to reach new heights! Our teachers strive to make the study of history, geography, economics, government, and psychology relevant and exciting for all Benet students. With a balanced offering of classes across disciplines and difficulty levels, we are sure you will find excellence here for the next four years.

Meet the Social Studies Department

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