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Campus Ministry

Guided by Our Benedictine Heritage and Principles

One of the unique blessings of attending Benet Academy is experiencing its proud Benedictine Heritage and tradition.
The activities and passion of Benet's Campus Ministry are formed by our Catholic faith and guided by our Benedictine principles.
An unfailing trust in Our Lord and remaining dedicated to living out our school motto of “Ora et Labora” teaches us that through prayer and work, and remaining committed to Stability, Growth, Disciple, and Seeking God we can achieve the joys of Community, Excellence, Balance and Wisdom in our lives. 
These principles, are lived out through Benet’s commitment to:
  • community prayer three times each day
  • availability of the Sacraments daily
  • various opportunities for private and communal prayer
  • inspirational and educational speakers that witnesses to the Catholic faith
  • numerous service events promoting the dignity of every individual and the importance of personal responsibility for the community
  • opportunities to gather with others and develop friendships grounded in faith
  • retreat and pilgrimage opportunities each year to promote personal faith growth and a broader experience of the Catholic Church.

These are just a few of the many ways our Catholic Faith and Benedictine Tradition enliven our community and the Campus Ministry program at Benet Academy.

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  • Deacon Christopher Weiland

    Director of Campus Ministry
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