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The Dean's Office

The Dean's Office is here to support you throughout your high school journey. Whether you are a new student navigating the halls for the first time or a returning student ready for another exciting year, we are committed to fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment.

Our dedicated team plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment for students, while also helping to enforce school policies and promote positive behavior and academic success.

Student Absence/Tardy Procedure

Please call the Deans' Office at 630-969-6550 to report an absence. If a student is arriving tardy to school, the student should report to the Deans' Office with a note from a parent/guardian stating the reason for the tardy.

Early Dismissal Procedure

In order to request an early dismissal, the student should bring a note to the Deans' Office from a parent/guardian indicating the time and reason for the early dismissal. The student should bring the note to the Deans' Office before school and sign out in the Deans' Office at the indicated time.

Meet the Dean's Office

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  • Joseph Cabay

    Dean of Students
  • Megan Carlevato

    Dean of Students
  • Susie Shuma

    Administrative Assistant