Celebrating Innovations in Educational Technology

Benet Academy celebrates innovations in educational technology that can enhance the strong, traditional liberal arts and science education it has always offered its students. The use of the iPad in the classroom is an exciting advancement to achieve this end. Benet Academy believes that educational technology is an efficient and effective way to improve students’ abilities to research, organize, collaborate, and maintain high ethical standards using
digital technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • Do I need to buy an iPad?

    Yes. You will need to purchase an iPad for your student, and he/she is required to bring their iPad with them to class every day including orientation over the summer.
  • Do I need to buy a specific iPad?

    No. But the school offers these recommendations:
    • A 2022 or newer, iPad Pro, iPad, or iPad Air.
      64GB storage or more 
    • Wi-Fi capable (Cellular or 5G access is not necessary and is also not permitted to be in use while at school) 
    • A protective case with the student’s name somewhere visible on the case. 
    • A Bluetooth keyboard of some type (some cases combine a protective case with a keyboard)
    • A stylus for writing digital notes and completing digital assignments (Any stylus that is compatible with the iPad should suffice. While many people choose the Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon, there are many other styluses that are compatible with the iPad).
    We strongly discourage families from using older/used iPads as battery life and performance can be adversely impacted.
  • My child has a tablet/device other than an iPad. Can my child use any device?

    No. The school needs to insist on a single platform for two reasons. First, the school has spent considerable resources training the faculty on iPads. A single platform (i.e. iPads) is essential to allow for efficient instruction, assessment, and collaboration among students and faculty members. Finally, because the devices remain the students’ property, there is reasonable concern that student devices (especially Windows devices) may expose our network to viruses and malware. In order to discourage devices other than iPads logging onto the WiFi, the school’s IT department will remove non-iPad devices from the network.
  • What if my child prefers to read printed books and takes notes on paper?

    Benet understands that not all students will feel comfortable with working solely on an iPad. Because student learning is paramount, students may choose to purchase printed resources (textbooks, novels, etc) and take notes on paper. The exception to this rule is if the teacher is going to use digital notes as an assessment, then students must comply with the teacher’s request to use the iPad for the assessment.
  • What happens if they forget the iPad at home or fail to charge it before school?

    It is the student’s responsibility to bring to school every day a fully charged iPad. The school will not provide charging stations. If a student has the charger, he or she may use any outlet nearby to charge during free time. This may not be done during class time.
  • How will the internet be filtered?

    The Wi-Fi access points that the iPads utilize run all internet traffic through an internet filter. The filter settings are in accordance with Federal Law and Benet’s Responsible Use Policy. The iPad, however, will not be governed by Benet’s filter once it uses public or home Wi-Fi signals. Also, any device which uses 4G data packages will not be screened by Benet’s filter even if the iPad is on Benet’s campus. Because of this, students using 4G connections are violating Benet’s Responsible Use Policy regardless of the content they are viewing.
    Students, while on campus, must use Benet’s Wi-Fi signal or not be connected to the Internet.
  • May my child use the family or parent’s Apple ID?

    Students must have their own Apple ID. We strongly recommend that students use their Benet email address. Parents who are concerned about their child using a personal Apple ID should consider requiring their child to share her password with them. A credit card is not required to establish an Apple ID. Students will be permitted to add their own apps on the iPad.
  • Will students receive training on the use of the iPad?

    All incoming freshmen who attend orientation over the summer prior to entering Benet will receive training to use their iPad for academic purposes. For transfer students who are in need of training, the school will provide assistance on a voluntary basis during the summer. If a teacher requires an app for classroom use, then the teacher will allow class time to provide training to students on the app.
  • What happens if the iPad is broken, lost or stolen?

    The school recommends but does not require families to purchase a protective case and the AppleCare warranty offered by Apple. Students and parents should be aware of the coverage of this warranty. If the iPad is broken, it is the responsibility of the student and/or his or her family to take the iPad to an Apple Store for repair or replacement. From our experience, broken or stolen iPads are very rare occurrences. However, in the event that an iPad is misplaced or stolen, apps such as Find My iPad can be of service. A police report should be filed if the iPad is stolen. Benet Academy will assist the family while they try to recover the iPad.
  • Will my child need to install apps on his or her own, or will the IT Department at Benet do this?

    Benet recommends some proven apps and teachers may require a few apps for students to download for their classes. However, it is your child’s responsibility to download and install the apps themselves. If your child experiences technical difficulty he or she should first seek assistance from peers. If the issue remains, they may ask members of the IT department for assistance.
  • Does my student need to buy/bring a calculator along with the iPad?

    Yes. Although the iPad has much if not all of the capabilities of the TI-83 or TI-84, the iPad is not allowed on standardized tests and therefore the school requires that students continue to buy/bring the required calculator to math courses.