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Mathematics Department

Department Summary

In our courses, we strive to teach students the problem solving skills necessary for success in college and in everyday life. It is our goal to  matriculate students who are proficient in both computational and analytical skills and who have the ability to communicate their results both orally and in writing. In addition to the subject matter of each course, we emphasize important life skills such as organization, note
taking, time management, and academic honesty. We also incorporate technology in our instruction, as appropriate.

While we are aware that not every student may have the love of our discipline that we do, we make every effort to cultivate in them an appreciation for the value of analysis, deductive reasoning, sound arguments and practical applications of what they are learning.
We are proud of our commitment to math excellence and cultivating a passion for growing and learning in our discipline. Math teaches patterns of thinking, questioning, solving, and reasoning that will serve our students in all aspects of their lives. Our teachers seek to share their love of math and grow the same passion in our students.

Meet the Mathematics Department

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