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Classical & World Language Department

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Our department offers students programs in four languages: French, German, Latin and Spanish. As a requirement for graduation from Benet, students are required to take two years of the same language. Students normally complete that requirement by taking levels one and two of a language of their choice during their freshman and sophomore years. Starting at level three, all language courses are elective and are designated as honors courses. Most of our students follow our recommendation to continue studying the same language during their junior and senior years as part of a complete college preparatory  program.
In the Department of Classical and World Languages, we passionately share our love for languages and cultures. We are eager to help our students develop an attitude of compassion, justice, and respect for all people. We believe the genuine enthusiasm that comes from our own experiences with languages and cultures can play an inspiring role in the on-going social development of the young people in our classes.

Meet the Classical & World Language Department

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