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The English Department focuses on the core aspects of critical reading, writing and speaking through a diverse series of approaches like  annotating, lecturing, Socratic seminars, discussion, drafting and writing. Students are asked to speak with support and effectiveness, write with clarity and precision, and be passionate students of the humanities and to discover what it means to be human no matter what job they encounter later in life.

Our department members are writers, readers, thinkers, art historians, speech coaches, Shakespeare scholars and more; while they're diverse in their training, they all share the common goal of getting students excited and passionate about English while preparing them for the world beyond the classroom.
Students who graduate from Benet after four years of English become passionate, sophisticated thinkers who are inquisitive about the world around them, critical readers of challenging texts, and excellent writers who embrace the power of strong, carefully chosen words. We work to help students find what makes them curious, discover new worlds in books, and speak with authority and proof in group settings. We work to create citizens of the world who love learning and language and present their ideas in creative and provocative ways!

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